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Dr Noreen Mumtaz is a homeopathic doctor. She is having 22 yrs experience in this field . Her field of interest including mental and physical problem like Autism, ADHD, CP CHILD, Depression, Cancer, Diabetes, Hepatitis. Male & Female Issue, Heart, Liver, Kidney Etc Issue.

Dr Noreen Mumtaz
D,HM,S,. R,H,M,P
Beauty consultant and beauty product trainer at Dxn Pvt LTD

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Many symptoms we experience are the results of one underlying problem. For example pain, swelling and redness could be the result of an infection or some irritation. Unlike other systems which interfere with body’s ability to heal itself.

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When we see a client, we provide education, care, compassion besides just high-quality consultations and Homeopathy medicines. We inspect all their past records and then we take a call on what plan could benefit their health overall.

Many people describe homeopathy to be herbal remedies or a broad field of alternative medicine. But homeopathic medicine has its unique and sophisticated system.


We have a Portal from which you can learn about many remedies and causes which can be cured through the treament of Homeopathy. Allow us to educate you with our 22 years of experience.

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Happy Stories


His mother came with him at my clinic 11.2.20 Saad pasha diagnosed MILD AUTISM & SEVER ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder )
Saad has very hyperactive through anything,shouting ,jumping,hitting,bitting,restlessness child. No desire to work ,study ,can’t express his feelings,can’t developed sense even no fear to climbing jumping etc for control these of symptoms he took Retinol daily for calm down but after taking medicine he tired ,lethargic ,loss of appetite,forget everything, allergies asthma etc
I started the treatment with homeopathic medicine according to symtopms gradually decrease the hyperactivity forget fullness.better in concentration and focus level day by day decresss anxiety restlessness,tiredness etc now he’s going on school regularly and he’s a good interaction to others want to do work study asthma allergy was gone in last yr winter he has no complain asthma allergy etc Masha Allah
Now he’s out of autism and ADHD allhumdullilah he take treatment regular since 11.2.20 till now

Mr. Abu Saad Pasha

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A 2.3 yrs old baby has a PICCA issuee khateeja came with her mother at my clinic for following symptoms,she eating undigestable things like like clay, stone , pencil , plant clay ,even pigen beat etc she’s very restlessness can’t sit in 1 place and anywhere
I started treatment according to symptoms now picca issue has completely resolved even her speech and understanding level much better before

Ms. Khateeja

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A female 40 yrs old has a secondary infertility she has 1 child &1 misscarrige in past . Now leucorrhea discharge is too much with smell & itching . Have lower abdomenal pain .vaginal infection return every 10 to 15 days especially when lifting something according to ultrasound reports she has nabothian cyst in cervix and right ovarian cyst
I started homoeopathic treatment according to symptoms in 17.02.20 Masha Allah nabothian cyst & right ovary cyst removed

Mrs. Zamin

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